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Structures in the lake for fish habitat

PostPosted: Mon Oct 17, 2011 10:34 am
by NorthShoreMatt
There was discussion in July at the annual meeting about adding structure to Rainy Lake for fish habitat. I was curious if anyone had heard any more about the investigation into the structures. I found some information online about the structures here: which seems to reinforce the thought that this would help the fishing success of the lake since in concentrates the fish populations in the structure areas. It looks like an evergreen tree and a cement block create a structure pretty cheap.
Of course, our ever changing lake levels would add another level of concern as we need to make sure we have water over them to be able to be effective.
Each property owner will need to give permission to have the structures placed on their shoreline. Maybe that's why I haven't heard anything as my shoreline would be a tough one to add them to. :roll:
What do you think? :?:

Re: Structures in the lake for fish habitat

PostPosted: Mon Oct 17, 2011 6:16 pm
by Perry & Marilyn
I was asked to have some placed in front of my place. I'm sorry. but we said no. I explained this has been tried before and it did not work. Tree stumps were placed in the middle of the lake and fell to the bottom. When the lake did not come up, the stumps were gone, they just sink in the lakes bottom. I don't agree to having structures anchored with cinder block. Too many kids dive off boats in front of my place, including mine, and I don't want them (anyone) getting hurt hitting blocks or trees. I was told the structures would be set at 20-ft deep at high water. That is not far enough out, plus what happens as the water goes down for swimming and boats. No, I don't want them on my lake bottom, don't want the liability, nor do I want it for the association. Let nature take care of itself as it has in the past 100 years. As we were told by Bowling Green University several years ago and only a few years ago we talked to the professor again, this lake will only hold so many fish and may survive only certain species of fish. He advised the lake won't chage in a million years. Most fish will die off because of the lime and acids in the bottom of the lake. The lake study done by Bowling Green, was shared jointly with the DNR and is on file there. That is where the DNR got all the information about our lake from. Ask for Ty Black at the DNR Fisheries Div. he worked with our study group.


Re: Structures in the lake for fish habitat

PostPosted: Tue Oct 18, 2011 3:35 pm
by NorthShoreMatt
I had not thought of diving into the cinder blocks... that would certainly need to be addressed... although if they just sank int the mud, I guess it would be a non issue.
In reading the information on the structures, it appears that the goal is not to be able to support more fish but to concentrate the fish so you can catch them. Also, it looks like the type of structure has a lot to do with the success of the structure.

It would seem like there has to be an area where it could be tried out without getting in the way and without going too crazy with structure all over the lake...